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Massage Guns

Are you looking for instant muscle relief in the palm of your hands? Just pick up one of our high-end massage guns and knead out those painful knots instantly.

Whether you’re having sore muscles from a desk job all day, driving for long intervals or just after your intense workout session at the gym, nothing beats out pain and aches like our massage guns.

Body Massagers Ireland presents you massage guns that reach up to a whopping 3200R/min, and mimic real percussion strokes to tap muscles deeply for lasting relief. The repeated stroking feels like the hands of a masseur and digs deep into the muscle to promote blood circulation, loosen up muscles and relieve fatigue like never before.

Each massage gun comes with multiple replaceable heads that plugin easily to target various muscle groups for a uniquely tailored experience. The mini massage gun is ideal for those who want to relieve fatigue when they’re out and about as it is compact and weighs less than a kilogram.