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Muscle Massage Guns – Are They as Good as People Say?

Do you experience neck or back pain after work? Do your muscles feel heavy after a CrossFit session or after a long ride on a bike?

“Ugh, how well do I get a massage now?”

“My goodness; I have a serious drill tomorrow. How do I recover from this muscle soreness?”

If these questions are running through your mind, then you need to get a massage gun to give you the results you desire. Whether you’re an athlete or not, as far as you feel pains all over your body, you need a massage gun to give you soothing relief.

Electric massage guns work on your muscles to speed up recovery and ease pain. It also improves muscle strength, flexibility, coordination, and thoroughly optimize your overall performance.

In the past, massage guns were quite expensive and were only accessible to the elite, athletes, and YouTube celebrities.

Now, the industry has made them cheaper and has become the talk of the day for many individuals who desire to self-massage on the go.

There are several models available, and if you must buy one, you need to be sure that it is as good as what people say about it.

In this article, we’ll expose the things that make massage guns a good fit for your relief.

Effects of Massage Guns

Research has shown that when vibration therapy is performed before exercise, muscle soreness is prevented. Massage guns help in blood circulation, which enables nutrients to be distributed into the muscles while removing clogged blood in the muscle. If you use this device after a workout session, it may help remove toxic products—associated with exercise, which can negatively affect the muscles.

What to Consider When Buying a Massage Gun

Before buying a massage gun, there are three parameters that you should take into account, including:

Autonomy and Charging Speed

When considering the battery life of a massage gun, there are two things you should consider, which include: how long it takes to charge and how long the battery lasts.

A good massage gun should last at least 4 hours when in use. It should also not take more than 8 hours to charge fully. If you need this device for your professional business, choose one with speed.


Since this device is a handheld one, weight is a significant factor. Your massage gun needs to be lightweight for you to be able to hold it steadily with one hand while targeting the muscles that need a massage.

Noise Level

The motors that power this device have high speeds and can be very loud. So, it can be annoying to use them on your neck and shoulder muscles. The good news is that most new models use noise reduction technology to decrease motor noise.

If you’re buying a massage gun for a physiotherapy center or professional use, you may need to buy from a reputable brand that will assure you that the device will last long.

Recommended Massage Gun

If you're wondering about our recommendation of massage guns, that would be the Body Massagers MG Massage Gun . It has a battery life of more than 3 hours, which makes it possible for you to relieve your muscles to your satisfaction.

Equipped with six  heads and 20 different speeds to choose from, you can have a relaxing massage moment.

The cordless massage gun has a beautiful LED display with a touch switch to make increasing or lowering the gears easy. With its new noise reduction technology, you can enjoy a seamless massage without any disturbance.

Before Using a Massage Gun, Know This.

As with many gadgets out there, you need to be cautious and smart when using a massage gun. Ensure you pay attention to how your body responds to the massage gun. Back off if something doesn’t seem right.

Remember, massage guns are not one-stop solutions to all your problems. They’re just a fraction of a holistic treatment plan. They’re not magically going to heal you. Ensure you visit a professional if your injuries persist.