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Massage Guns : Why are they the must have Body Massager in Ireland?

The storm of massage guns is taking over the world of fitness gadgets & especially in Ireland. Massage guns are percussive therapy devices that target the sore-muscles with rapid-fire pulses, thus aiming to offer the benefits of massage therapy right from the comfort of your home.

Most of the massage gun users in Ireland praise the ability of the gadget to help them relax their muscles, boost their post-workout muscle recovery and prevent any delayed onset muscle soreness by increasing blood flow to the soft tissues and help to reduce lactic acid buildup.


What to look for in a massage gun?

Massage guns are polarizing for sure, and this form of percussive therapy is a great way to expedite your muscle recovery. Still, with a flooded market, it is not easy to decide which massage gun is best in Ireland. When buying massage guns, you have to look at the following features.

  • Noise

Some massage guns can be surprisingly loud, as the motors that power these guns create noise, and this can be preferably an unpleasant experience when you use these on neck and shoulder muscles. Many high-quality models have prioritized decreasing this motor noise.


  • Weight

As massage guns are often held with one hand; therefore, weight is a significant factor. You would like to feel confident that you could steadily and safely have the massage gun on the targeted muscle when it is running at its top speed.


  • Stall Force

Stall force is the amount of pressure that you can apply to the head of your massage gun before the motor stalls. People who would like to have deeper and more aggressive percussive therapy would undoubtedly go for the massage guns that have higher stall force.


  • Customizability

Some massage guns in the market come with a handful of head attachments. Some of these offer an adjustable head angle itself, while others offer both features, and a few tend to neglect both. You can consider customizability according to what you think about which muscles you need to target and how different massage therapy types you can enjoy using on those muscles.

Benefits of a massage gun

In recent years, the massage guns have been in high demand that can only be traced to so many benefits that they offer. From relieving pains and aches to increasing blood circulation, there are several benefits that these massage guns provide.

  • Vibrational Healing

Vibrational healing is based on subtle energies and vibrations, without depending on any other healing systems. It is based on the unique energy field of every person and is known to be quite efficient. It is exciting to note that massage guns offer the same benefits, as these guns deliver vibrations that go deep into the muscles by using the percussive therapy technique.


  • Release Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is formed when oxygen levels in our body are low and begins to compensate for it by converting the newly formed lactate into energy. This happens when we do intense exercise, and lactic acid builds up faster in the bloodstream. Massage guns Ireland can reverse this by helping the release of lactic acid and other toxins from the muscles that surround tissues.


  • Increase Blood Flow

Massage guns offer deep tissue massage that increases the rate of blood flow and also stimulates the nerve receptors that are responsible for dilating blood vessels. Lymph helps to remove toxins and waste from the body tissues, thus controlling the flow by muscle contractions.


  • Muscles and Nervous System Activation

Our nervous system stimulates and regulates muscle activity to maintain the body's homeostasis. The nervous system gets notified for every muscle activity. At the same time, the massage guns help to stimulate the receptors of the sympathetic nervous system, and this causes vasodilation in muscles and skin. Therefore, it releases tension and allows the muscles to relax by improving mobility.


  • Breaks up Scar Tissue

Scar tissue consists of collagen fibres that help to repair damaged threads in the body. The elasticity of tissues does not measure up with the natural body muscle tissues. Massage guns give deep tissue massage that breaks down these scar tissues, thus alleviating pain and relieving any restriction.



Everybody gets stressed from daily life activities, but if we fail to manage this stress properly, this could hurt our health over time. Body Massagers Ireland can successfully manage stress in the shortest possible time and a way that is most convenient while getting various other benefits that are attached to it.

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