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Can a massage gun give you a full body deep tissue massage?

Are you in search of a tool that can help you with self-care and recovery? Yes, you are at a right spot! Here we present you with an amazing massager which will never fail to amaze you with its extraordinary features.

As time has passed by, Massage guns have become a must in home tool for every athlete, doctors, trainers, workers and fitness enthusiast in Ireland!

The look of it may not somehow seem appealing to you and you may think about it more than twice, but these electronic massagers which are easily handled are meant to make you more comfortable and relax by treating the tissues of your muscles and improving their productivity and action.

It has tremendous amounts of benefits, which you will become familiar with after going through this article. Hence why not give this article a try!

Massage Guns from Body Massagers in Ireland:

Massage guns from Body Massagers in Ireland are great for working directly on your muscles by sending vibrations through your muscle tissues.

 According to some researchers, the vibration therapy through a massage gun and physiological therapy by a therapist are both effective and beneficial to the body, reducing the soreness in the muscles.

Although they are same in credibility, but if we look upon massager guns, their vibration therapy not only helps to relieve the soreness in the muscles but are also helpful in the reduction of lactic acid level in our body prior to any workout.

So, while the traditional massage by a therapist can help up to loosen the muscle tissues, the vibration therapy has much more benefits for the body as well as the immune system.

Vibration Treatment of a massager gun:

Vibration treatment is a massage technique dependent on the vibrations communicated to the muscles. Vibration by a massager gun helps in increment the progression of blood and lymph all through the body, in this manner adding to the flexibility of more oxygen and supplements to the muscles.

This outcomes in fast recovery, expanded capacity to move, decrease of torment, and muscle shortcoming. The throbbing impact of the massager enters profound into the muscles and delicate tissues and diminishes agony and muscle deadness.

A vibration weapon permits recuperation at a quicker rate than is conceivable with an expert or conventional manual incitement. With a massage firearm, you can recuperate quick and prepare for your next instructional meeting.

At a good depth, tissue percussion massager will vibrate and apply concentrated pressure deep into your muscle tissue. This form of massage can work tension and knots out of the muscles while improving blood circulation and quickly enhancing your flexibility.

Helps in balancing the immune system:

Massage guns also help to rebalance the immune system and help us in prevention of numerous diseases. They help to maintain our hormonal balance and increase tissue oxygenation.

 When you use a massager gun on your body, your blood vessels get dilated, hence increasing the blood flow in the body.

Now the question arises is why should we go for a Massager gun and not any other massager tools in Ireland?

Important Features:

Brushless Quiet Motor – You can now experience the smooth and quiet massage by a massage gun with 24v brushless high-torque motor.

Accurate Vibration – A massager gun has the right number of vibrations. Not much and no less. With 1800 to 3,200 vibrations per minute, it completely feels like your tensed muscles are being physically treated by a therapist

Adjustable Speed – Massager gun has a unique feature of adjusting the speed while using it. You can choose 20 different vibration speeds to get the perfect amount of pressure to relieve your muscle pain.

Wireless Design – You can use a massager gun by just charging it for half an hour. With this amount of charging you can easily use it up to three to four hours.

User friendly structure – It is designed in such a way that it is comfortable to use, making it easy, lightweight, and extremely enjoyable to use.

Scientists have found them to be very beneficial to the muscles and health of an individual and have recommended it to be used prior workout. This will affect your body in two ways.

Firstly, it will help to prepare your body for the upcoming workout and secondly it will also reduce the risk of muscle pull or strain.


Massage guns will be so effective in making your life easier and flexible. A thing in your own hands that will give you some much need massage therapy at the touch of a button. So, what are you waiting for...? Check out our latest Massage Guns now and see what everyone in Ireland is talking about!